What a weather year it's been so far.  We started with record lows with the "Polar Vortex" and lately we seem to have gotten more rain than usual except, according to records, that really isn't the case.  The fact is, water levels were already high exacerbating the flooding situation.  So far this month of May, the average temperatures could be some of the lowest in quite a while and, even if it's not the case, it sure feels like it with all the low 50 degree days.  So how long has it been since it's been 80 degrees?  And how does the "wait" compare to other years?

In an article on freep.com, Michigan hasn't waited this long for an 80 degree day in 20 years!!!  May 17, 1999 was the last time we've experienced 80 degrees this late in the Spring and June 17, 1924 is the record wait in Michigan.  But it looks like the wait could be over on Saturday 5/18 as the forecast calls for showers early and maybe T-storms later and a high of 84!!!  Check out more information by clicking HERE.


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