You will not beliebe what Keyshawn Johnson did this weekend.

The former wide receiver and current ESPN analyst was so incensed with teenybopper Justin Bieber and his questionable driving habits that he tried to track him down to knock some sense in that dreamy head of his.

It’s the most unlikely celebrity feud since Donald Trump took on anyone with a pulse.

Apparently, Johnson chased Bieber down in Southern California after seeing the pint-sized pop star fly by in his Ferrari at a speed so fast you’d think he easily reached 1.21 jigawatts. Johnson thought Bieber was so out of control that he drove to the Biebs’ house, at which point the singer zipped inside and cowered like a frightened schoolgirl by refusing to talk to Key.

Johnson is hardly alone in thinking Bieber’s road antics that night were dangerous – the police showed up at his house after two other people called about him.

We say kudos to you, Key.

Damn kids.

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