Most people from Flint and all-around southern Michigan will remember Woolworth's stores.

Maybe someone in your family refers to it as "the five and dime?" After all, it was the original discount concept.

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There's reason to hope that iconic brand could be resurrected in Michigan and beyond.

Credit: Recollection Road YouTube
Credit: Recollection Road YouTube

When did Woolworth's close in Michigan?

Maybe you remember the Downtown Flint location? After that closed, another opened at the Genesee Valley Mall.

Just before bankruptcy they bought out Eastbay. A catalog athletic clothing company in early 1997. They wanted to focus on selling athletic items, but that wouldn't help them survive.

The company closed all of its stores around the US on July 17, 1997, but it still exists elsewhere.

Woolworth's continued on around the world.

Until the global recession in 2009, the UK had hundreds of locations still in operation. They were so loved, their nickname became "Woolies." According to the BBC, it still operates 600 or so stores.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Those are located in Germany, Austria, Poland and a handful more countries. Although, it's "Woolworth," no "s" in Germany.

So, stay with us here... it's news when the head of the international iteration of Woolworth's says there are no "imminent" plans to restart the company in Britain, but it's not "off the table."

How could Woolworth's come back to Michigan?

The company still, technically, exists in the United States as another familiar name. How is that possible, you say? After closing its Woolworth's stores, the company changed its name to Venator Group.

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In 2001 it changed its name to Foot Locker, which they created back in the day under the co-owned Kinney Shoes.

Foot Locker is technically the Woolworth's company.

Credit: Recollection Road YouTube
Credit: Recollection Road YouTube

So, if there's a chance for a reboot in the UK, there's no way the US company hasn't considered it.

Perhaps we should start a social media campaign to start a US reboot in Michigan?

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