This year Genesee County residents will see major road construction happening all around our cities. Look for more round-abouts and lots of road/bridge construction in our area.

And most of it is very necessary -- City of Burton residents know what I'm saying... that stretch of Bristol Road from Dort to Fenton has been a patchwork of pavement patching for too many years. (Couple decades?)

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Will Burton finally repave Bristol Road from Dort Highway to Fenton Road?

I spoke with City of Burton Road Division contact Pete Wingblad, he says there is a two-year plan to fix Bristol Road, a former Michigan State Highway until 2001.

  • Bristol Road from Fenton Road to Saginaw Road will see construction beginning in April or May of this year and lasting a few months. That includes:
    • Milling
    • Resurfacing
    • New signage
    • Sidewalk & Ramp improvements to be ADA compliant
    • Drainage updates
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  • Bristol Road from Saginaw Road to Dort Highway will be scheduled for rehabilitation in 2024 -- including the same updates as mentioned above.
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Google Street View

Who is paying for Bristol Road construction in Burton, MI?

  • Wingblad tells me this project was an ask for federal dollars a few years ago. It's finally in execution phase (following surveying, results, planning, etc.). Federal funds pick up 80% of the cost while the City of Burton pays for the rest. In total, that's a couple million dollars (plus some).

While we can all agree this project is long overdue, you have to give credit to Burton's approach -- federal funding allows the city to invest in other roadway improvements, too. Remember, major construction on I-475 will begin this year, too. Looking forward to exercising patience for a smoother ride on Bristol Road over the next two years.

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