If you live around or have visited Downtown Ann Arbor, MI you've probably stopped by Starbucks at Liberty and Main a time or 10.

Especially before or after a game, move in weekend, or just enjoying downtown.

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After nearly 20 years, Starbucks is closing its Downtown Ann Arbor location.

Considering the best possible place you could open a coffee house is in a major college town, it's curious why this Starbucks location would be shuttered.

Credit: Google Street View, Canva
Credit: Google Street View, Canva

MLive reports the last day for operations will be 2pm Saturday, October 28th.

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Some see the closing as an opportunity since it's prime property across from Cherry Republic.

Why is Starbucks closing its Downtown Ann Arbor store at Liberty & Main?

So, with a prime location... in a college town... no crime issues... Why close?

Credit: Google Street View
Credit: Google Street View

Users on Reddit picked up on the news a few days ago. Many Reddit users speculate its closing is allegedly related to attempts to unionize in the last couple of years.

Another one bites the dust... "Starbucks" on Main and Liberty in Downtown Ann Arbor is permanently closing on the 28th of October.
byu/AceofSpadeKings inAnnArbor

A spokesman for Starbucks, Andrew Trull, told MLive

... Persistent issues have made it unsustainable to maintain operations and to deliver the experience our partners and customers expect.

He added more detail to the decision, for Mlive, by saying

To be clear: We respect the rights of all partners to make their own decisions about union representation and to engage in lawful union activities without fear of reprisal or retaliation,” he wrote. “Outcomes of a regular business review announced last week were made without regard to union status and are intended to advance the Starbucks experience we deliver for our partners and our customers in stores across our global footprint.

Credit: Google Street View, Canva
Credit: Google Street View, Canva

No matter the reason, the location has been a fan favorite since 2004.

While it will be missed, Ann Arbor has around 20 other local coffee spots near Downtown. So, there won't be a shortage of options for those needing a caffeine fix.

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