Since the end of 2018, recreational marijuana has been legal in Michigan. This marks the first year an outdoor festival has legally been able to sell cannabis and festival goers able to consume.

The inaugural customer for 2023 may or may not surprise you.

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First Weed Customer at Arts, Beats & Eats Royal Oak, MI

Is the name Richard Wershe Jr familiar? If not, what about the name White Boy Rick? He was on hand to be the first paying customer for this year's festival.

According to the Detroit Free Press he purchased a few vape cartridges and cannabis flower packs as the event opened on Friday. This is the first year Michigan law has allowed sales & consumption for a major outdoor event.

White Boy Rick was also selling his own line of Cannabis, "The 8th," at the festival.

2018 isn't the first time recreational weed was legal in Michigan.

The Library of Michigan, states John Lennon (yes, famous Beatle) and other celebrities tried telling the Michigan Supreme court a 1952 conviction/sentence of a political activist for possession of marijuana was "cruel and unusual punishment."

At that time, weed was "erroneously classified" as a narcotic. The court agreed and a new law had to be created.

For 22 days in 1972, marijuana was legal in the State of Michigan. The law was unchanged until 2008 when medical marijuana was legalized.

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