It started out as a traffic stop, but police in Warren quickly learned that a driver had a good reason to be driving recklessly. He was trying to get a choking toddler to the hospital.

In the video from WJBK-TV below, you'll see Warren police officers clock the driver of a Camaro at 75 to 80 miles per hour in a 40 MPH zone. But as officers pulled the driver over, they learned that the people inside were trying to get to a hospital as quickly as they could.

Good Reason for Speeding

The incident took place Tuesday at 12 Mile near Schoenherr.

"Help, help, we got a baby in here dying," were the first words the man behind the wheel spoke to the officer.

Officer Fraser jumped into action, pulling the toddler out of the driver's window. The mom, who is in the passenger with her brother behind the wheel was frightened that officers were going to take her child away from her.

"Don't take him," the frantic mother is heard saying.

Fraser then administered some blows to the boy's back.

"(I) put them on my forearm, administered a few back blows, got some saliva, and I don’t know what it was kind of regurgitate onto my arm," Fraser tells the TV station.

After a short time, the boy began breathing on his own and his normal color returned. The toddler was taken to a nearby hospital where he was determined to be OK.

Your Car is Not an Ambulance

Police recommend calling 911 in the event of a medical emergency, rather than attempting to race to a hospital.

The officer's [NSFW] raw body cam video of the incident is here.


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