Think Man Cave meets Frat House. There's really no other way to describe this $165,000 Ferndale bungalow that is all about the party in some interesting ways.

Currently offered for sale, the house appears to be just like any other little neighborhood home in any town across the state, but what lies behind that charming front door is anything but run-of-the-mill.

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At just 972 square feet of living space, with 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, I have to wonder after seeing the "extras" if this place wasn't bought for the sole purpose of hosting parties. Immediately through the front door, you'll find that the living room has a removable platform for stadium seating. The 3 bedrooms have hardwood floors with bright and bold wall colors and designs that grab your attention, but so far it's nothing really out of the ordinary right? Just wait.

The kitchen resembles your standard kitchen with an added extra with a new wet bar. Not just any wet bar, but a bar you can belly up to, and while the host pours you another cold one from the built-in tap, you can "relieve" yourself in one of 2 urinals built right into the front of the bar. For serious drinkers, this could be a game changer.

Not to be outdone, the bathroom is fit for a king or at least one who feels the need to sit on a throne. Not only is the toilet designed as a throne, but there's also a beer tap just above the toilet just in case you need to top off your glass before you take care of business. The shower is also equipped with a TV hookup so you never miss a play during the big game and...wait for it... an in showerJagar machine. Yes, really.

Speaking of games, the outdoor area is ready for you to take the party outside. The large fenced backyard comes complete with its own Detroit Lions-inspired basketball court featuring a high-end basketball hoop and court lighting.

It's pretty apparent this house was made for excitement instead of slumber, but we could be wrong. Take a look inside and let us know what you think!

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