Editor's Note:  Sometimes a story is so good, that it bears repeating. You may have seen this heartwarming cake story from Michigan when it originally happened in 2015. Today, thanks to social media, it has resurfaced. So if you're seeing this delicious story for the first time today, or if you're seeing it again, share and enjoy. And remember, Kindness is important. 

Pictures of a birthday cake sold at a Meijer store in West Michigan have gone viral after the woman who bought the cake posted the heartwarming story on Facebook.

A (Not So) Beautiful Birthday Cake

Lisa Aldrich noted on Facebook that she was shopping at the Meijer store in Gaines Township (The Gaines Township in Kent County, south of Grand Rapids) and asked a "bakery-looking" employee if she could write a message on a birthday cake.

"She said she would, and after a long time, she came and presented me with this cake. I looked her In the eye and said thank you before I even looked at the cake."

Lisa then looked at the cake as she headed for the checkout, but noted that she wanted the cake anyway, even if it looked bad. She said the cake's appearance didn't matter and thought people would think it was funny.

But the cashier at the checkout didn't think it was funny and consulted with other cashiers and a manager.

And Then, a Heartwarming Explanation

Finally, Lisa was given an explanation as to why the printing on the cake was such a mess.

"To my surprise, after they discussed it, one cashier put her arm on my shoulder and said 'The girl who wrote that has Autism. Thank you for smiling and thanking her - even though she's not supposed to write on cakes, you probably made her day.'"

Aldrich wrapped up her Facebook post with a simple reflection:  "So I guess the moral of the story is that kindness is important."

Lisa's post has gotten thousands of reactions since it was shared nearly eight years ago.

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