Foodies should be excited. A fan favorite from the Western United States is opening multiple locations around the Grand Rapids area. Let's welcome Taco John's. It's sure to give Taco Bell a run for their money.

What is Taco John's?

  • Taco John's is a fast-food taco spot with rave reviews. Their tacos, burritos and Potato Olés look great enough to eat every day. But, it's the breakfast that throws off a Mexican-inspired Chick-Fil-A vibe.
  • They have a Potato Olés Scrambler that looks fresh, spicy and cheesy. The downside, it's half the suggested 2,000 calorie intake. Mexican Donut Bites are their dessert offering. Those probably pair well with their iced coffees.
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What's so special about Taco John's?

  • They keep the menu focused on what they do best. Giant steak, beef or chicken burritos. Street tacos with chicken or beef and a couple of sauces. Like Taco Bell, they serve Pepsi products without the 37 varieties of Mt. Dew, though. It's the Potato Olés served in a mini bucket that seem to keep people coming back for more.
  • Ultimately, the food simply looks real. And it turns out, it is. They use real beef and make the taco shells in-house every day, according to their website.
  • Something else to surprise you... they sometimes serve seafood tacos. While, that's not my jam... a shrimp taco is a fav for many of my friends & family.
  • They have fried chicken tacos, too. Take a look:

Where is Taco John's opening in Michigan?

According to their website:

  • Wyoming location is open now at 1730, 28th Street S.W.
  • Caledonia, MI opening 02/13/23.
  • Hudsonville, MI opening 02/06/23.

Now, let's hope they open up around the rest of Michigan soon.

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