Soon, snow will pile up around the Flint area.

Make sure you have our best sledding hills in Genesee County, Michigan list ready for snow days.

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We'll even provide a handy map to save on your phone.

Where can I go sledding near Davison, MI?

Davison has a couple great spots.

  • Toboggan Hill (huge hill)
  • Davison Hogbacks
  • Richfield County Park is close to Davison and worth checking out.
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Where and what are the Hogbacks in Davison?

Both are close to each other off Washburn Road.

Where can we sled around Burton, MI?

In Burton look for these two:

  • Kelly Lake Park. You can see it from I-69 at Munson Street & Lapeer Road.
  • Davison Roadside Park --technically, it's in Burton. Davison Road just east of Belsay Road near Brookwood Golf Club.

Where can kids go sledding in Grand Blanc, MI?

Grand Blanc's Creasey Bicentennial Park is another favorite.

The giant hill you see as you drive along Grand Blanc Road is fantastic when covered in snow.

Swartz Creek's sledding spot is Elms Park located at Yarmy Drive and Elms Road.  Don't worry, they keep the nearby dog park separate.

In northern Genesee County, snowmobiling seems like the better option: flatter land.

But that doesn't mean you can't go sledding. Montrose has Barber Park with a medium size hill for sledding at Seymour Road and M-57 behind the township offices.

Sledding in the Park

Closer to Clio? The City Park off M-57 (Vienna St) and Clio Road is a favorite.

Best Sledding in Southern Genesee County

Linden County Park is the place for great sledding in the southern part of Genesee County located across from Clover Beach & Byram Lake.

Fenton's Bush Park is a favorite 5-acre park to sled.

Don't forget Holly Township Parks & Rec and Mt Holly for Skiing & Snowboarding.

Where can I go sledding around Flint, MI?

Flint and Flint Township have many to choose from:

  • Kearsley Park has a great hill.
  • Thread Lake Park just south of I-69.
  • Mott Park is great for pulling the little ones on a sled.

Here's a handy map you can save to your devices.

Credit: Canva
Appx. location markers for sledding hills in Genesee County, MI Credit:  Google Maps, Canva

Bundle up and enjoy winter around Genesee County.

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