For those in Genesee County that work around Metro Detroit, Lapeer or Shiawassee counties, it's easy to get frustrated with Genesee County's never ending high gasoline prices. Never-ending because they're always the last to come down... even a little bit.

Why are Genesee County gas prices so much higher than surrounding counties?

Someone driving through Davison posted in a Grand Blanc Facebook group (within the last 24 hours) about the "cheap stuff" being $3.17 per gallon. On my way to work, most Speedways were $3.45 per gallon.

Other people chimed in stating prices:

  • $2.99 at a couple of places along Dixie Highway
  • Sashabaw & Maybe Road "$3.12 all the time"
  • $3.09 at Kroger in Clarkston
  • $2.93 in Waterford.

Of course, places are allowed to charge what they want -- it's their business after all. Prices vary from city-to-city, too. At what point is Genesee County being gouged in pricing?

Maybe it's just supply and demand?

That seems reasonable, doesn't it? Well, fewer people live in Genesee County than Oakland County. For this example -- Oakland County would have more drivers, more demand, higher prices. Not in this case. It's not Up North travel season yet. So, that isn't the issue. It's not because Genesee County residents are rich. So, that's not it. It's simply because they can.

That $.50 per gallon difference equals an extra $8.00 for a 16-gallon tank, $12.00 for 24-gallon trucks. Say you fill-up once per week -- that's $32-$48 per month. $384-$576 extra per year.

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Does Costco have lower gas prices?

Costco coming to Genesee County will result in more competition. Despite their $60 or $120 membership price tag... the price per gallon of gasoline is always significantly lower for members vs regular gas stations (certain taxes don't apply). That math means big savings if you drive a truck, SUV or older car. The long wait/lines at Costco are annoying, don't get me wrong... but I'll take the time to save money. Regular gas stations will have to lower prices more quickly to compete and that's good for everyone.

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