Are you ready for a dorm experience that sets the bar high? Look no further, because right here in Mid-Michigan, we're home to one of the top dorms in the entire country!

Niche is celebrating the beginning of another semester for college students across America with a list of "The 25 Best College Dorms in America". According to statistics, 22% of university students in the US live in on-campus dormitories with many being incoming freshmen. Being the first time many young people live away from home, it's always a win if a school's accommodations are at the top of its game.

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With a slew of colleges and universities throughout the state, Michigan was bound to have one make the list, but for some, the pick may be a bit of a sleeper. It wasn't one of the big boys like the University of Michigan or Michigan State making the list, but a smaller mid-Michigan university showing them how it's done.

What Michigan University Has One of the Best Dorms in America?

Making the list of the best dorms in the U.S. is Mid-Michigan's own Saginaw Valley State University. Not only did the school make the list of the top 25, it actually landed at #6. The school received an overall B grade from Niche, the website that connects colleges and schools with students and families, but scored an A+ for dorms. Students describe the college, where nursing is the most popular major, as friendly and safe.

The rankings were determined by overall reviews and ratings from students and parents, and SVSU found itself in some pretty impressive company from across the country, and this wasn't the first time the school made the list. SVSU has been "having what it takes" for the past few years

Check out the full list of The 25 Best College Dorms in America" here. 

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