Michigan can proudly claim the coney island hot dog as the state food, whether it's official or not. The Mitten State and the Coney almost go hand in hand with legendary restaurants like Detroit's Lafayette Coney Island and Flint's iconic Angelo's leading the way as the best of the best throughout the years.

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Although the state is filled will fast food places that serve up the classic dog, one place has recently taken the top spot in Michigan as the "Most Historic Fast Food Joint in Michigan", WIth its rich history and timeless vibe, this is the type of place that's stood the test of time.

In a new list compiled by LoveFood, the team searched out "The Most Historic Fast Food Joints in Each State".

"Each state has its own regional specialties and independent spots that have been slinging burgers, hot dogs, pizza, and more for decades. From longstanding mom-and-pop shops that have stood the test of time to restaurants that have served fries and fried chicken to presidents, these are some of the oldest fast-food joints in the country. Find the most historic spot in your state that's actually worth visiting."

Taking the top spot in the state of Michigan is Coney Island located in Kalamazoo. The restaurant is filled with history being one of the longest continuously operating Coney Islands in Michigan since opening their doors at the same location back in 1915.

LoveFood writes,

"Arguing over who invented the Coney dog is a Midwest pastime. One of the biggest Coney dog rivalries is between Detroit stalwarts American Coney Island and Lafayette Coney Island. The oldest in the state is actually Kalamazoo's Coney Island Hot Dogs, which has been in operation since 1915. Besides their namesake dogs – topped with chili, mustard, and onions – they also serve up Chicago and New York–style dogs, burgers, and gyros."

The simple and delicious menu makes it easy to see why longevity has been on its side and why Coney Island is a place you need to try. Check out the full state-by-state list here.

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