Attention anyone who loves great food, perfect views, fabulous shopping, and endless activities. Those destinations exist in so many small towns scattered across the country making them the coolest places to visit.

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Our friends at Far & Wide know these towns are worth celebrating so they put together a list of "America's Coolest Towns" in each state. They aren't knocking the fun the big cities offer, but celebrating the charm that these towns exude.

"America is filled with small towns and communities that have long formed the backbone of the nation. These towns are filled with their own history, museums and cultural attractions, but also come with the added appeal of home-spun charm and hometown heroes", Far & Wide said.


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What's the 'Coolest Small Town' in Michigan?

We'd love to surprise you with the top pick, but if you've been there this will come as no big shock. Far & Wild chose that vacation hot spot Traverse City as the 'coolest' small town in Michigan. Here's what Far & Wide had to say about the town founded in 1847;

"Actually the largest city in northern Michigan, Traverse City nonetheless retains small-town charm, particularly during its annual, beloved National Cherry Festival. (Fun fact: Three-quarters of the popular Montmorency cherries grown in the U.S. come from Michigan!) Besides its tart cherries, the town boasts a location in Grand Traverse Bay, providing an entryway to carefree days on the water and bays of Lake Michigan."

Adventure awaits in every corner of TC. Plan a trip and discover why Traverse City isn't just a destination, but a cool memory-making experience.

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