It's only fitting the home of Vehicle City and the Motor City would also be home to some of the best car shows in the entire country. The best shows coast to coast draw car enthusiasts together every year to share their passion and love of the ultimate "toy".

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According to a new ranking in USA Today’s 10 Best, two car shows in Michigan are considered the best in the nation. With hundreds of these specialty shows across the country, it's pretty impressive that two of the best are right here in the Mitten State.

Landing in the #5 spot on the list is M1 Cars & Coffee held at the M1 Concourse in Pontiac. Held on the first Saturday of each month,  the show offers a unique car theme and features a different manufacturer each time with car lovers displaying their treasure in the parking area. Check out the full list of their weekend shows here.

Taking the #6 spot is the legendary Woodward Dream Cruise. Considered the world’s biggest cruise drawing in over one million people and over 40,000 classic cars each year to the event. The annual cruise, which started in 1995, takes place in August on the third Saturday from 9 am to 9 pm.

Of course, it's an honor to see two amazing shows make the list, but those of us in the Genesee County area feel one pretty amazing show has been omitted from the Top 10. Hopefully, USA Today will take notice of Flint's own Back to the Bricks and help it find its way to the Top 10 next year. After all, nobody does cars better than Vehicle City right?

Check out the full "10 Best Car Shows of the Year" here. 

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