Updated: Drivers from Goodrich, Davison and Otisville will have to plan for extra time taking detours as M-15 is closed until Tuesday August 8th for major road construction.

Now, an additional stretch of M-15 will have lane closures through August 7th. Those in the habit of taking M-15 "Up North" in Michigan will also need to make other plans.

What's happening on M-15 in the Davison and Goodrich area?

According to MLive, intermittent lane closures along M-15 from Lapeer Road to Atherton Road will happen until August 7th. It starts near the I-69 & M-15 junction to just south of the Davison Country Club and the area where Montague Road connects with M-15.

Drivers headed toward Otisville or Millington still have ongoing delays due to construction detours, too.

What are the detours for M-15 in Genesee County?

There isn't a short way around any of this. Here are your options (map below):

Southbound from the Millington, Otisville, Forest Township area:

  • Take Dodge Road or Mt. Morris Road to Irish Road. Then Richfield Road, east back to M-15.
  • Take Stanley Road to Oak Road. Then south to Richfield Road, west back to M-15

Northbound from Goodrich, Davison, Richfield Township area:

  • Take Richfield or Coldwater Roads west to Irish Road. Then Mt. Morris Road or Dodge Road east back to M-15.
  • Take Richfield or Coldwater Roads east to Oak Road. Then Oak Road to Stanley Road, west back to M-15.
Credit: Google Maps, Canva
Otisville would be at the top of the map. Davison at the bottom. Credit: Google Maps, Canva

Why is M-15 closed at Coldwater Road?

Michigan Department of Transportation has been working on M-15 most of the summer as part of a widening project we first reported back in April. Now, a major portion of that project gets underway with a couple of major improvements.

  • Reduction of the hill in M-15 just north of the Coldwater Road intersection. This will improve sight distance/visibility.
  • Replacement of the culvert for Bird Drain.

This is part of the entire M-15 project's $11.3 million price tag, according to MDOT.

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The entire M-15 project is supposed to end sometime in September, weather permitting. This closure/detour should be completed by August 8th (weather permitting).

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