No, it's not a new plot for a Hallmark movie, but it most definitely could be because this is one tail-wagging tale you won't believe. It's a journey that took the star from the West Coast to the Midwest but don't count on hearing all the details because the "star" of this story isn't much of a talker.

Mishka, a sweet terrier mix, was living with her family in San Diego when she disappeared in July while spending time with her owner at his place of work. Although she had a tag with contact information, Mishka was nowhere to be found and her owners, the Houman family, were crushed.

Fast forward to last week in Michigan when the Harper Woods Police responded to a call about a stray dog wandering the streets...and after scanning her chip it was discovered it was Mishka! The Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society received the sweet pup, immediately checked her out and contacted her lost family.

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Making the whole story even more ready for Hollywood, the Houman family just happened to be on their way to Minneapolis for the Easter holiday, making their journey to be reunited with their lost fur baby an even shorter trip.

The reunion was as emotional and special as you can imagine. So heartwarming and special that the GPAS made a special video for social media to share the incredible story. Although we know how the story started and ended, we're pretty sure we'll never know what happened in between. All we know is that the family is home together again in San Diego.

The family told the press that they are pretty sure she was stolen and somehow sold and ended up in Michigan. “She was clean, well-fed. Whoever had her took good care of her,” Veterinarian Nancy Pillsbury told The Associated Press. “How she got here — that's a story only Mishka knows."

Check out the special video below.

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