Grab a tissue because we have the most paw-sitively heartwarming story to share with you about never giving up on a happy ending. After a staggering 2 years of waiting, the dog with the longest shelter stay in Michigan has finally found their forever home.

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This sweet four-legged superstar is a true symbol of determination and unwavering hope. For 2 long years, this sweet girl, known as Kimmy Gibbler, patiently waited for that one special family to come along and change her life forever. Kimmy's dream finally came true when the 4-year-old pit bull mix, who broke a Michigan animal shelter's record for the longest stay, finally found a home.

The Humane Society of West Michigan was thrilled to share the happy news on its Facebook page writing,

"Fantastic news, Tanneritos! Kimmy Gibbler has been adopted! Kimmypalooza has been a success and Kimmy has found her new home. We would like to thank Kimmy's foster for housing her for the last two years, teaching her how to love, play, care for, and be a dog", the post read. "Kimmy wouldn't have found her home if it wasn't for you. This couldn't have been done without the support of everyone who shared and helped us along the way, so from Kimmy Gibbler and the staff here, thank you!"
The HSWM had been diligently working to find Kimmy a home even launching a month-long social media campaign called "Kimmypalooza" to help the dog find a new family to love as she got closer to her 2 years anniversary at the shelter. All their efforts proved to work when one special family stepped forward to give Kimmy some love.
Jay and Carol Sherwood of Lowell, Michigan heard the story of the sweet dog that was rescued from a dogfighting ring and just knew she needed to be part of their family. According to WZZM ABC13, the Sherwoods had just lost their dog Molly and had room in their hearts to love another fur baby. “She's been there two years, why? No dog deserves that," said Jay Sherwood.
Kimmy has quickly settled into her new home like she's been there forever and her new family loves everything about her, scars and all.
“She came in like a tornado. And she hasn't slowed down since," said Carol.“I believe in destiny. I feel like there were just too many coincidences that all came together".
So, let this heartwarming tale inspire you to consider adoption, to open your home and your heart to a shelter pet. You could be the one to turn a shelter stay into a forever home, just like the Sherwoods did for Kimmy.

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