As winter makes its way in, now is the perfect time to plan a fabulous cool weather getaway. What makes a great getaway destination is a spot you can enjoy no matter what season it is, and if you live in Michigan you know that the state offers four seasons of fun with something for everyone.

Reader's Digest knows that now is the time most people are planning those winter destination getaways so they decided to channel their inner travel agent and lend a hand. The RD team put together a list of The Best Winter Destinations in Every State for those "looking for fun in the snow or an escape from the cold, find your perfect spot for a winter getaway".

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When it came to Michigan, Reader's Digest chose a spot in Michigan that is one of the most popular summer hot spots for visitors and Michiganders alike. To be honest, I had never considered this a place to take off during the colder months, but now I may have to rethink my plans.

What is the Pick for Michigan's Top Winter Destination?

While Pictured Rocks has long been hailed as the ultimate epitome of sun-kissed beaches and strolls by the shore, it has now boldly ventured into a new frontier, earning its prestigious title as Michigan's best winter escape.

Picture yourself savoring a steaming cup of hot chocolate, surrounded by the panoramic beauty of frozen water, and painting a picture straight out of a winter fairy tale. According to Reader's Digest, Pictured Rocks should be a must-do on your winter excursion list saying, 

"The stunning ice formations of Pictured Rocks Natural Lakeshore on Lake Superior in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula are like something out of Frozen. Water that seeps out of the sandstone cliffs freezes into dramatic curtains and columns that can appear blue, yellow, or white. Plus, annual snowfall totals approach 200 inches, turning everything into a true winter wonderland. Trek to ice caves and frozen waterfalls—the hardy can even try winter camping or ice climbing. To see experienced ice climbers in action, check out Michigan Ice Fest in mid-February".


Granted heading for warmer weather may seem like the logical choice for a winter destination getaway, but giving one of Michigan's top summer spots as the snow flies may be a great new option.

See the full list of The Best Winter Destinations in Every State here. 

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