It's Lapeer County's favorite subject (like the rest of Michigan): Road construction. Here's the 2023 construction season project list. Many roads will see resurfacing (or asphalt overlay) this year.

Which Lapeer County roads will be resurfaced in 2023?

According to Lapeer County Road Commission, many of this year's projects will involve culvert replacement (to improve drainage) as well as signage replacements.

  • Oregon Twp: Resurfacing Bronson Lake Road from Marathon to Gray Road (Scheduled for Summer)
  • Deerfield and North Branch Townships: Resurfacing Burnside Road from Fishlake east to Jones Road and from Old State Road east to Lake Pleasant. (Scheduled for Summer)
  • Burlington Twp: Resurfacing Clifford Road from Village Limits east to Cargil Road at the county line. (Scheduled for Spring)
  • Mayfield & Arcadia Townships: Resurfacing Daley, Bearinger and Lum Roads from Fish Lake east to Harrington Road (Scheduled for Summer)
Credit: Google Street View
Credit: Google Street View
  • Elba Twp: Resurfacing Davison Road north to Oregon Road (Scheduled for Summer)
  • Attica Twp: Resurfacing Lake Pleasant from Campbell north to Imlay City Road (Scheduled for Summer)
  • Elba Twp: Resurfacing Lippincott from Bullock east to Baldwin Road (Scheduled for Summer)
  • Burlington Twp: Resurfacing Marlette Road at the Village Limits east to Page Road at the County Line (Schedule for Summer)
  • Hadley Twp: Resurfacing Pratt from Washburn east to Diehl Road (Schedule for Summer)

Lapeer County Culvert Replacements

2023 will see numerous culverts upgraded to allow for better drainage for road surfaces. (Think large metal tubes under roads letting water move back & forth.) LPRC says they'll work on those all season long and post work schedules to their Facebook page. Roads will be closed to traffic during these projects.

In addition to these projects, you can expect to see sign replacements (for signs 15 years or older) in Burlington, Dryden, Elba and North Branch Townships, too.

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