As many Midwest retailers look for ways to compete with Amazon, Kroger is pursuing a deal with the Walt Disney Company to enhance its bonus program.

Kroger's Boost Program

Kroger launched its Boost program in 2022. Kroger operates about120 stores in 82 cities in Michigan and more than 2,700 nationwide. Although Kroger hasn't disclosed how many customers subscribe to its Boost program, it says the delivery service has performed "better than expected."

Kroger Boost customers can opt for two tiers which run $59 or $99 per year. The lower tier service offers free next-day grocery delivery while higher-tier customers get same-day delivery.

Kroger Looks to Offer Streaming Services to Its Customers

As Kroger looks to retain Boost customers, it has entered into talks with the Walt Disney Company in order to offer the Disney+ streaming service to its customers. A source tells Bloomberg that if talks come to fruition, Kroger Boost customers could start having access to Disney+ streaming at no additional cost.

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Bloomberg reports that feedback from customers is the driving factor behind Kroger's decision to offer access to a streaming service, as consumers weigh costs associated with multiple streaming platforms.

Retailers Look for Ways to Compete With Amazon

Nationally retailers have been looking for ways to compete with Amazon, essentially playing catch-up ever since Amazon Prime was introduced nearly 20 years ago.

Walmart launched its Walmart+ membership program in 2020 and has since reached a deal with Paramount to add streaming services


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