You'll be appalled and Detroit police are too after a video of several kids hanging out of a moving car has gone viral.

The kids' aunt, who has been identified as a woman named 'Asha,' is being investigated by Detroit police, who say she put the children in harm's way.

The Viral Video

The video unbelievably shows a woman driving with a toddler on her lap while several other children are seen hanging out the window of the moving vehicle. At one point, it appears that the toddler may have been steering the vehicle.

The video appears to have been recorded in a neighborhood on the east side of Detroit.

Detroit Police James White tells WJBK-TV he feared for the safety of the children.

"Looking at it, I was fearful for the kids' safety, number one, but it's outrageous," White said. "As you saw with one of the kids, it looked like the child was about to lose her balance in one of the turns. That just could've been disastrous."


All for the Love of Viral Video

As Asha was being interviewed by the Detroit TV station, she was live on social media and notes that she has gone viral numerous times in the past.

She insists that she was only going two miles per hour, and says that she regrets putting the kids in danger.

"I want to clear up that I am remorseful. First of all, I'd like to say that I've already apologized to the parents of the kids," she said. "I do regret letting them hang out of the window. I definitely do feel sorry for that because it could've went badly."

Take a look at the video and decide for yourself.

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