Growing up in Genesee County, Michigan means you've likely, always heard rumors of I-475 being expanded south to connect at US-23. For years, there were studies and plans by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) to be ready, if that day ever arrived.

Will I-475 in Genesee County, MI ever be extended to US-23?

These conversations, studies, plans started in the 1990s and continued through 2010. Then, after years of public input and budgetary constraints any possible expansion plans were shelved in 2011. (The Great Recession certainly didn't make it easier to consider.)

At one point, a MDOT study showed four viable options for extension.

  1. I-475 would extend to US-23 near Grand Blanc Road.
  2. Baldwin Road in Grand Blanc would be expanded to create a new US-23 interchange instead of I-475 being extended.
  3. Possibly extend I-475 to Baldwin Road/US-23 or I-475 would extend to US-23 & Thompson Road in the Fenton area.
  4. (This one should sound familiar) Dort Highway gets extended, Baldwin Road is improved, and a connector would be created between Dort Highway and Baldwin Road.
  5. The last alternative was to simply widen/improve Hill, Grand Blanc, and Baldwin Roads so East & Westbound traffic would be improved.

Clearly, a version of number four won. You can see the proposed maps, shared in December 2010 by MLive/The Flint Journal, here.

What is happening with I-475 construction in Flint, MI, now?

MDOT did an extensive study with many variations of improvements and "right sizing" as an option, too. That public feedback meeting & presentation was held at the end of June 2022. See the full presentation and options, below.

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No matter which of these options receive final approval, we'll see massive construction from Bristol Road in Burton to Carpenter Road in Flint. Improvements will be made to interchanges, bridges and ramps (they're about 50 years-old). Overall, expect I-475 to shrink a bit.  If you have feedback or questions for MDOT, go here. Construction will ramp up in 2023/2024 and last a few years depending on which plan is chosen.

Genesee County and community construction plans are ready for next year, too.  See the 2023 Road & Bridge Projects, here. 2023 Round-abouts and other projects, here.

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