Maybe it was the uniform, or the confident stance, or even the fact that he could’ve passed for a long-lost Kelce brother a'la Taylor Swift. Whatever it was, it caught the attention of one TikTok user, and now this Grand Blanc Township police officer has gone from small-town cop to viral sensation.

Chances are it was just another day on the job for Officer Ben Cole at the Grand  Township Police Department. The canine officer joined fellow officers responding to a call about a fight breaking out at a local Grand Blanc watering hole. Apparently, Officer Cole happened to catch the eye of a customer, and as she said, "I think I fell in love".

Lucille, known on TikTok as @yourfavehotmess, was so "taken" by Officer Cole she had to shoot a quick video of him and his good looks and post it to TikTok with #copsoftiktok. Of course, no one, especially Officer Cole who was unaware of the video, could have anticipated what happened next.

The video, appropriately set to the song "Big Boy" by SZA, took on a life of its own and made Officer Cole a viral sensation. As of this article, the TikTok video has been viewed over 71,000 times and has racked up 1,500 comments and 7600 shares...and counting. If some of the comments are any indication, Officer Cole has become somewhat of a mild manner sex symbol.

"The Kelce Brothers trifecta has been completed, & I'm not mad about it."


"Grand Blanc is only 45 mins away from me? Y'all can catch me going 50 in a 25 sometime real soon".


"Me in England googling where is Grand Blanc hoping for France"


"Me hanging out the window: OFFICER I HAVE A BLINKER OUT"

...and they go me.

So how is Officer Cole handling his new sound "hot cop" status? Well, quietly. According to a fellow officer, Cole is known for flying under the radar and being a bit humble. The former Marine and married father of 3 ( sorry ladies, he is VERY taken) is taking some ribbing from co-workers, but all in good fun.

If you happen to see Officer Cole out and about in the area be sure to say hello, but skip the paparazzi session. All kidding aside, we thank all our officers out there who wear the badge each day. We truly appreciate your dedicated service and bravery...but hey...a little good looks don't hurt.

Take a look at the viral TikTok below:

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