It's rare for a major expressway to lose entrance/exit ramps. That's exactly what Michigan Department of Transportation is proposing for North and South I-75 around Pontiac, Bloomfield Hills and (somewhat) Auburn Hills. MDOT is exploring the removal of the Square Lake Road ramps.

Why would MDOT want to get rid of the Square Lake Road entrance & exit to I-75?

The reason is safety. If you've driven through that area -- it's congested already. The Woodward Avenue, Square Lake and Opdyke Roads area is filled with businesses people frequent daily. MDOT's concern is weaving / merging to/off I-75 in that area.

Credit: MDOT
Credit: MDOT
  • If you've driven through there, it's maddening trying to find a safe way to merge into traffic. The reason, as they state in this video, is the current distance to merge is half what it should be.
Credit: MDOT,
Credit: MDOT,
  • The current "safe distance" merging standards are highlighted in the above graphic. Where you see "X" markings there should be twice as much merge space.

Couldn't MDOT simply extend the merge areas from Square Lake Road to I-75?

Not necessarily, or not easily. Remember, the Adams Road Exit is just southeast of this area.

  • Widening I-75 might be possible, but there's disruption to consider like subdivisions and what impact it might have around Squirrel Road. That could create more safety issues as people are already preparing to merge headed north or southbound on I-75.
  • The other option MDOT is leaning toward is to have people rely upon Adams Road access to I-75 (2 miles further) or M-59 (3 miles further). Doesn't seem like a big deal, unless you're the one driving through the "surface streets" in the neighborhood, daily.
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MDOT is only exploring options. They want your input asap. A public engagement meeting is set for 02/27/23 at the Marriott Hotel Pontiac/Center Point 4pm-7pm. If this impacts you or someone you know, make sure you evaluate and let your voice be heard.

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