Genesee County, MI residents can look in any strip mall or on any corner to see find a sub sandwich shop. Usually, you don't have to drive far to find your favorite.

For many, a favorite went from being in those mini-malls and corners at-every-turn to evaporating overnight.

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Quiznos Sub is opening (again) in Genesee County, MI

Imagine your favorite toasted sub from Quiznos in the early 2000s? (The Carbonara was a favorite in my household and office.) Soon, you'll be able to have that toasty goodness again.

Quiznos Sub is opening up in Swartz Creek, MI in the old Lorenzo's Pizza location at Miller Road and Seymour. (Lorenzo's is just next door now.)

New Quizno Sub location in Swartz Creek, MI July 19, 2023. Credit Nate Reed
New Quiznos Sub location in Swartz Creek, MI July 19, 2023. Credit Nate Reed

The new signs were recently installed. The sign near the road has not been updated at the time of this photograph.

An opening date hasn't been shared yet, but it does look like they've stripped the inside down to the bare walls.

Why did Quiznos Sub go bankrupt?

  • During the early 2000s, Quiznos was taking off around the country. At one point they had around 5,000 locations. Then, Subway challenged them by installing toasters and selling footlongs for $5.
  • Intense competition plus the great recession made for the perfect storm. (There was struggle between operators and the franchise back in the day, too.)

Hopefully, everyone has learned a thing or two and we can all enjoy Quiznos for years to come.

Quiznos Sub Michigan locations

Five locations currently exist around Metro Detroit. This will be the first location in Genesee County since the mass closure nearly 10 years ago. Fun fact: the first ever location opened in Denver, CO back in 1981.

Selfishly, I hope they open additional locations in Grand Blanc, Fenton, Davison and Flushing sooner than later, too.

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