When people around Flint hear Genesee County Road Commission they think "oh no, not more construction," "fix my potholes," or "please plow my road."

Well, this is a creative & fun story about GCRC.

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Paint a Plow Contest

This year, Genesee County Road Commission asked students all around Genesee County to draw and color pictures that might be painted on the side of a snowplow.

Pretty cool, right?

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12 area schools had students from elementary through high school submit their work.

The community was invited to vote and comment which helped to choose three winners.

Winning Paint a Plow Artwork in Genesee County, MI

Three students from our area were chosen to have their artwork, literally, be painted on a plow.

Here are the winning designs.

There's a bunch of proud parents, friends and other family in Genesee County, for sure.

This writer is partial to the snowman that was... plowed. Even the top hat went flying off.

These local schools had winning submissions.

The winning student artwork came from three schools in the area.

  • Atherton Community Schools
  • Grand Blanc Community Schools
  • Davison Community Schools

It's worth noting, the contest was open to all Genesee County Schools. Many didn't have any participation.

See, this really was a good, positive story that didn't involve construction projects or feet of snow being removed from area roads. And a great way to get students interested in future trade work, if that's their thing.

Just beware, construction season is ending, and it only means one thing... winter is coming.

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