Get ready to sink your teeth into a spooktacular treat that's hauntingly delicious! A local Flushing man is the genius behind the most spellbinding cookies you've ever seen, and his talent is so extraordinary that he's earned a spot on one of the most popular cookie shows of the season.

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Anthony Lerma, owner of The Cookie Sir in Flushing,  has taken the art of cookie decorating to a whole new level. Every bite of his creations tells a story of intricate detail, creativity, and passion. Imagine biting into a cookie that's not just sweet, but also a visual masterpiece. His Halloween-themed cookies are nothing short of mesmerizing, and the entire country is about just how incredible they are.

Lerma will be competing in season 2 of the Halloween Cookie Challenge on Food Network. Lerma, who has been baking his entire life, will compete against other stellar bakers from across America all hoping to win the big prize of $10,000.

"Being selected for the show was truly a surreal moment as I’ve been watching Food Network shows for years and watching people do some amazing things, and to be a part of that is a dream come true", he told us.

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Lerma now lives in Flushing with his husband and three dogs right next to the family’s orchard and bakery. The competition will be his first, and he's excited to be featured in such an impressive way.

You can catch him competing in the Halloween Cookie Challenge on Monday, October 16th at 10:00 p.m.EST on the Food Network and also stream it on MAX/Discovery+.

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