Flint, Michigan. Best known for being the birthplace of General Motors, the Flint Sit-Down Strike and formation of the United Auto Workers, and its incredible Cultural Center for starters, but ghost sightings?  Oddly enough, yes.

Flint has found itself knee deep in spirit sightings according to data from a website called GreatLakes.com. Normally one to provides Michigan-specific gambling information, the site decided to jump on the seasonal bandwagon and compile a list of cities in the state of Michigan in which ghost sightings are most likely.

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Great Lakes Stakes enlisted some help from GhostsofAmerica.com to compile the amount of Michigan ghost sightings. Once they established the number of sightings per city, they then were able to develop the chance and odds for overall ghost sightings in each of the cities.

Before we get to the local favorite haunt, Flint, why not start with the #1 spot. According to GreatLakes.com, your highest chance of seeing a ghost in Michigan will be about 90 minutes from Flint in Monroe, Michigan. According to the site, Monroe took the top spot with 48 overall sightings, which GreatLakesStakes.com projected as chances of 1.80% and odds of +5456.

“In downtown Monroe, there is an old paper mill that is said to contain a ghost that will scream at anyone who dares enter the building. The building is so dilapidated now that I advise no one to explore it, very dangerous", per the outline. 

So what are your chances of catching some scares in Flint? The Vehicle City bonded over a three-way tie for 10th with Morenci and Port Huron. All three cities averaged 25 overall sightings, with a .91% chance and +10889 odds.

Although no specifics for the rankings were given for Flint, it's pretty easy to see why a city rich in history would have a few residents unwilling to move on to the afterlife.

View the entire Top 10 here. 

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