If you're going to dream, dream big. A newly-listed house in Fenton is a total dream home, situated on its own private peninsula off Lake Fenton.

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We've shown you some pretty amazing houses, like this home in Linden that features wall-to-wall windows on the backside, overlooking the lake, and this stunning home in Davison that once belonged to Don and Patsy Lou Williamson. But as you'll see in the pictures below, this incredible home in Fenton has some unique features that set it apart from the rest like a gorgeous chef's kitchen (with a walk-in pantry) and a master suite that's just steps from the pool and hot tub.

Its Very Own Private Peninsula

Even the address - 2210 Island Shore Dr. - seems to indicate that this one-of-a-kind property is surrounded by water, boasting an incredible 500 feet of shoreline frontage on Lake Fenton. There are nearly two acres almost completely surrounded by the lake.

In addition to its own private beach, water lovers can enjoy the hot tub and pool, which are just steps away from the master suite on the main floor.

Beds, Baths, & Beyond

There are four beautiful bedrooms and you'll never step out of bed onto a cold floor, thanks to the built-in heating elements in the master bedroom. There are also four bathrooms (pictured below), a great room, and a spacious three-car garage.

According to the listing, the home was remodeled and modernized from the foundation up just a few years ago, in 2017.


This Fenton Home Sits on its Very Own Private Peninsula

A stunning home on Lake Fenton sits on its very own private peninsula. This four-bedroom, four-bathroom house features lots of nice touches like heated floors in the master suite - which is just steps away from the pool and hot tub.

The $2.5 million price tag is hefty, but wait til you see the pictures and the views.

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