Let's start by making it clear, we're not saying Fenton, MI people are better than anyone else. This is strictly about educational performance.

That said, let's find out why they outrank everyone else.

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What does a number one ranking mean for Fenton Senior High School?

US News and World Report Rankings are published annually. They've covered enough data for information overload. So, we'll keep it short.

  • Fenton Senior High School has a lower enrollment at 1,136 students. While Grand Blanc has 2,518 and Davison at 1,748.
  • Davison has higher teacher to student ratio at 25 students (average) for each teacher. Grand Blanc is 22:1. Fenton 18:1
  • When it comes to Graduation Rate, Grand Blanc has 89% while Davison and Fenton each have 95%. (The Michigan State median rate is in the upper 80% range.)
  • Reading Proficiency is somewhat surprising. Fenton leads the three schools at 72%, Grand Blanc at 66% and Davison at 59%.
  • For Mathematics Proficiency each of the school ranges from 32-35%

What can parents do with this information?

We get it. Numbers and analysis paralysis aren't sexy. But one simple thing can be done, on the home front, to help improve proficiencies.

  • Practice reading, writing and math exercises, at home, earlier in the education experience.

Sounds too simple right? Or you're wondering where to get another hour of time each day or week. Understandable.

We make time for what's important. Try to find an extra few minutes per day to engage in the childhood education process to set our kids up for success.

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