Well, "that was fast" said no one, ever on I-75 in Michigan.

Thanks to new legislation, that's about to change.

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What is an HOV Lane?

Regular out-of-state drivers have likely driven HOV lanes in their travels. It's a way to reduce traffic in high volume areas.

  • It's a lane, often on the left of a major expressway, designated for High Occupancy Vehicles (two or more passengers). Sometimes these are referred to as carpool lanes.
  • You'll see signage and road paint stating: "Express Lane," or a giant white diamond in the middle of the specific lane (see picture below).
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  • Lane usage is sometimes 24/7 in very high-traffic cities. Other times, they're restricted to rush hour.

HOV lanes have proven very effective in other major cities. Think Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, etc.

Where Will Michigan's First HOV Lanes Be Located?

Michigan has not had HOV Lanes until now. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has signed House Bill 4353 into law.

The best news, these lanes are already completed on I-75 in Oakland County. They were built with federal funding.

Credit: Google Maps, Canva
Credit: Google Maps, Canva

MDOT has been modernizing 18 miles of I-75 in Oakland County.

The state will set operating hours of 6am-9am and 3pm-6pm Monday through Friday HOV Lanes on that stretch of I-75. Look for them to open in the coming days, weeks.

These are not toll lanes. As long as two or more people are in the car, you're good.

The Detroit Free Press reports, if the driver is the only person in the car, they'll be "responsible for a civil infraction or fined."

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