Residents of Orion Township, like many of us, get used to three roads intersecting. Especially residents driving on a dirt road thinking they live in a rural enough area; you won't see many major construction projects--why would you need them? It's a dirt road, right?

Where is the new round-about going in Orion Township, Michigan?

The Road Commission of Oakland County is about to change that in the coming months. The current intersection of Conklin, Stoney Creek and Orion Roads will be separated and reconstructed. The round-about will include Stoney Creek and Orion Roads. While the intersecting point for Conklin Road will move about a quarter of a mile away to allow for the round-about.

Photo Credit Google Maps
Photo Credit Google Maps

According to the Oakland Press, there will be a meeting at Blanche Sims Elementary School from 4:30pm-7pm on Tuesday November 29th, 2022 where RCOC will explain everything and answer questions.

How is the Road Commission of Oakland County paying for round-abouts in Orion Township, MI?

The federal government provides seed money, essentially. Then, the Road Commission of Oakland County and Orion Township provide matching funds to complete the price tag. This project will run approximately $1.7 million by the time it's complete.

Will there be improvements made to the roadway during Orion Township round-about construction?

While round-abouts are not everyone's favorite construction project, it does bring with it improvements to curbs, cross walks and new lighting. All of that is rolled into the price tag.

If you're wondering how to drive in a round-about, check out this quick video.

How many new round-abouts will be in Oakland County in the next year?

The Orion Township round-about is one of six slated for construction in Oakland County, MI in the next year. Some of these are small -- others in higher volume traffic situations will be much larger.

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Is Genesee County, MI getting more round-abouts?

Oh yes... a few more are on the way in the coming months for Genesee County. Some will actually help traffic flow. The more rural one almost seems like punishment, though.

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