The only thing that could make this story about coffee roasters based right here in Genesee County, Michigan would be if I could make scratch & sniff available for your device's screen. Maybe someday artificial intelligence will figure that out?

The Flint area is known for having a famous coney island sauce, Koegel Meats, inventing the modern-day stove-top range and home to one of only 9 remaining drive-in theaters in MIchigan (which is opening soon). But... did you know there are several locally owned coffee roasting companies, too?

Coffee is Roasted Right Here in the Flint Area

These entrepreneurs are roasting coffee in Genesee County (even nitro cold brews). Plus, a new shop that deserves honorable mention.

Flint Coffee Company at 601 Martin Luther King Ave, Flint, MI 48502

  • Husband & wife, Teresa Villacorta and John Cherry, grow coffee beans on her family's farm in the Amazonas region of Peru. Their story is rich with family history, here.

ABeanToGo with two locations. 8221 State Street Goodrich, MI 48438 and 16 West Flint Street, Lake Orion, MI 48362.

  • They've been roasting coffee for nearly 15 years. Now it's served in select restaurants, retail shops and their own locations. Infrared roasting is their specialty -- the beans never get burned.

Fireside Coffee Roasters 3239 Elms Road, Swartz Creek, MI 48473

  • Small batch, hand-crafted coffee is their specialty. They started up in 1988 focusing on mocha mixes. That's evolved into weekly, small batch roasting to make numerous flavors. Their website even gives you a heads up: #WeirdLocationGreatCoffee

Coffee Beanery is probably the most well-known roaster around Michigan. Headquarters is located in a 45,000 square foot facility at 3429 Pierson Road, Flushing, MI 48433.

  • Michigan Cherry is my personal favorite roast. They have so many to choose from at over 100 locations around the United States. According to their website, even 20 international locations.

Honorable Mention: New Coffee Shop and Roaster in Michigan

  • Qamaria Yemeni Coffee Company. This coffee shop just opened in the last year in Downtown Grand Blanc, MI near Sophia's Kitchen. While they roast coffee in Dearborn, MI -- they're just getting started. Grand Blanc is one of only three locations the company has opened. It took a lot of perseverance to create a coffee business. See their story, here.
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What about Bigby Coffee?

  • Bigby Coffee is very popular in Michigan. They've created a small empire based in the Lansing Area. That's in Ingham County.. hence the reason they weren't showcased.

Grabbing a quick cup of java from "just anywhere" is normal when you're in a hurry. Or enjoying your favorite brew at home on a weekend morning. Do yourself a favor -- treat yourself to these. You'll taste the difference in locally roasted coffees. It's art & science mixed with passion & experience right in our backyard.

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