'Friends' was a very highly rated show with Michiganders (like every other state in the US) from 1994-2004. Still today, you can't swing a 'smelly cat' without finding re-run marathons on TV.

Now, our very own World's Largest Christmas Store, Bronner's Christmas Wonderland is selling something amazing for your holiday decoration collection. A 'Friends' Advent Calendar. Surely, your collection doesn't have one of these.

The 'Friends' Christmas Village. To borrow from Matthew Perry's 'Chandler Bing,' Could we BE any happier?

Where can I buy 'Friends' Christmas Decorations in Michigan?

Bronner's is selling pieces to the 'Friends' Christmas Village. It looks like the famous, fictional 'Central Perk' is a major focal point. Even the couch, new for 2022.

Credit: Bronner's Christmas Wonderland, Frankenmuth, MI
Credit: Bronner's Christmas Wonderland, Frankenmuth, MI

It looks so authentic in the up-close shots with the 'Central Perk' shop glowing behind it.

How many pieces of the 'Friends' Christmas Village are available to purchase?

It looks like the creators are just getting the collection started. If you're new to collecting Christmas Village pieces... it's usually a new addition or two each holiday season. Right now, Central Perk, the popular 'Friends' fountain from the opening credits and the Central Perk Couch are available.

Photo Credit Bronner's Christmas Wonderland Frankenmuth, MI
Photo Credit Bronner's Christmas Wonderland Frankenmuth, MI
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How much is the 'Central Perk' 'Friends' Christmas Village piece?

It's over $200 for the Central Perk building. While it's larger than the fountain & couch and has a lot of detail... the price to collect villages is why I'm not a collector. I'd rather buy outdoor lights and be visible from space in Genesee County, MI. (Although, the Harry Potter village is tempting.)

When will more 'Friends' Christmas Village pieces be released?

We don't have official release dates or details on which pieces are next at this time. Somehow, Ross' 'Holiday Armadillo' must be one of them, right?

No matter how or when you start celebrating the holidays -- the 'Friends' Advent Calendar and Village is sure to be a hit, just like the show.

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