You've probably heard or thought "not all restaurant chains are created equally" (like these we wish would come to Mid-Michigan). It's true. There's a really strong burger & beer spot expanding in Michigan, Ford's Garage. (Recently relocating back home to Genesee County, from Florida... I can tell you, it's a solid place to eat.)

What is Ford's Garage restaurant?

  • Ford's Garage is named after the famous Henry Ford -- Originally, they launched near his vacation home in Ft Meyers, Florida. In fact, the chain's 1920's "service station" vibe is very popular with numerous locations in Florida. Recently, they've expanded to Texas, Indiana, Michigan and more.
  • They refer to themselves as a "gourmet burger bar serving up the finest varieties of Black Angus Beef, Turkey, Chicken and Vegetarion products." The menu is extensive with comfort foods like homemade meatloaf, BBQ Pork Ribs, Mac 'n Cheese, or lighter things like salads and fish. Plus, Brunch on the weekend. Appetizers are tasty -- except the Deep-Fried Pickles (I prefer sliced pickles, not spears which they serve).
  • Ford's Garage has a full bar with wine, liquor and around 100 beers, too. There's a chilled rail along the bar to keep your drink ice cold.
  • Each location has lots of old Ford memorabilia like Model T's or Model A's indoors and out. Bathroom plumbing even has a nod to the "auto" feel.
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Where is Ford's Garage opening in Michigan?

  • Crain's Detroit Business reports there will be three franchise locations to open in Michigan in addition to the current Dearborn restaurant and one located at 44175 W 12 Mile Road in Novi to be opening soon.
  • The three other locations have not yet been announced.
    • (Hoping they'll put one in Genesee County.)

And if you wondered... yes, they have a licensing agreement with Ford Motor Company.

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