When you think of Birch Run, the first thing that pops into your mind is the giant, city-like Premium Outlets. Well, that and insane amounts of traffic around the holidays or deer widow weekend sales. Although, my addiction to kitchen gadgets and shoes doesn't mind traffic. (My dog insists I stop at the dog bakery or not bother returning home, too.)

New stores coming to Birch Run Premium Outlets

This mall opened in 1986 as Manufacturer's Marketplace. Then, renamed Premium Outlets... and now Birch Run Premium Outlets. Since its opening, it' has been regarded as the largest outlet mall in the Midwest. Now, it's getting even more stores, according to the website. This spring, you can expect to find these brands opening:

  • Hey Dude (recently opened footwear spot)
  • Tia Guilloche Boutique
  • Vintage Annex (recently opened, mid-century vintage stuff)
  • Wetzel's Pretzels (recently opened)
  • Flashback (antique store according to ABC12)
  • Fritz's Outdoor (discounted outdoor gear/equipment)
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Random facts about Birch Run Premium Outlets

  • 145 stores (or spaces for stores)
  • 681,000 square feet
  • busiest months August (back-to-school) and December (holiday shopping)
  • located 20 miles from Flint
  • located 18 miles from Saginaw
  • located 85 miles from Detroit
  • 7.9 million people live within a 100 mile radius
  • opened June 1986
  • renovated 2005
  • there's a dog park, in case you want to bring the pup.
  • there's a hotel upon entering the mall... in case you plan to make the most of shopping.
  • It's the busiest exit along all of I-75 (north of Orlando, FL), according to tourism officials and reported by MLive.
  • the mall has its own water tower

The next time you're stopping to eat a pound of bacon at Tony's Restaurant just remember you can walk it off if you park far enough away from your favorite store.

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