Calling all Michigan sweet treat lovers. Fans of dessert know you can find any reason to eat homemade pie, cheesecake or hand pies.

What's a hand pie? We'll tell you about that, but first this is Michigan's Most Delicious Pie according to loveFood which has identified the best pie in every state.

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Best Pie in Michigan

Some may know the nationally recognized winner, others will soon want to experience the reasons Achatz Handmade Pie Company was chosen.

Their Michigan 4-Berry Pie was the attention getter for loveFood. And for good reason, it's loaded up with Michigan tart cherries, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries. It's even trademarked.

Take a look at the cheesecake version, below:

While the Michigan 4-Berry Pie is certainly a favorite, the creativity only gets tastier from there.

Think about another favorite Michigan brand -- Faygo. Here's what Achatz Handmade Pie Company does with that:

A 30 Year Family Tradition of Tasty Creativity

Achatz Handmade Pie Company has been in business since the early 1990s. They have a few locations around Metro Detroit, with plans to expand. But it isn't *just* pie they create.

The rest of the menu features ever more homemade items from Chicken or Lobster Pot Pies to soup, cheesecakes, sugar free pies, cream pies, pie-rogies and ...hand pies (below).

Hand pies have nothin' on Hostess from back in the day. Around Valentine's Day they even make them heart shaped.

People are so obsessed with their products; they'll even ship them. Just know you're going to spend a pretty penny doing so. But why not splurge for the holidays or a special occasion.

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