Genesee County, MI is getting a few new fast-food choices before the end of the year. Taco Bell is opening two new spots and Quiznos Subs is getting a reboot (below).

Finally, the chain we haven't had is opening next week in Flint. We first reported Chick-Fil-A was opening, last year.

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Chick-Fil-A Opening Day in Flint, MI

Fans have been anticipating Chick-Fil-A's arrival since rumors started last year. Now, it'll finally open on September 28th.

The building is located where the old Sonic was placed on Austin's Parkway & Miller Road in Flint Township.

Credit: Google Maps, Canva
Credit: Google Maps, Canva

Not to worry about traffic -- They have that down to a science. And there's a traffic light at the main intersection for Austins Parkway.

Employees show their appreciation for your business in a specific way.

Known for excellent customer service, Chick-Fil-A employees will respond to you in a very specific way. A few things you'll never hear them say after hearing "thank you."

  • "no problem,"
  • "sure,"
  • "anytime,"
  • "all set,"
  • "happy to help,"
  • "for sure,"
  • "alright,"
  • "you're so welcome,"
  • "bet"

Considering you're lucky to get a friendly response from anyone these days, it's refreshing to see friendly customer service is still important to the brand.

They're showing gratitude for our community before the doors are even opened.

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No doubt, it'll seem overwhelming when you pull up to a line wrapped around the building twice, during the grand opening and rush hour. But you'll be surprised how quickly they move.

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