Except for a few little details, this story may remind you of a loveable little bear who lived in the Hundred Acre Wood. But this story takes place in Northern Michigan.

If your family has ever visited Sleeping Bear Dunes near Traverse City, you're probably familiar with the Grocer's Daughter Chocolate Shop. If you've found their treats irresistible, you'll understand what the bear in the video below was looking for.

Bear Helps Himself Inside a Northern Michigan Chocolate Shop

In the doorbell video below - provided by the owners of the Grocer's Daughter Chocolate Shop - you'll see a black bear opening the shop's back door with ease. And before you ask, owner Jody Hayden notes that the back door to the shop had been locked.

Hayden tells Mlive the bear actually visited the shop five nights in a row, each night at about 10:30.

“A few nights he bent the sturdy plastic dumpster lids by climbing on them, which we secured. Two nights ago, he yanked open the locked back door of our chocolate shop and, according to time stamps on the security camera, was in the shop for 20 seconds, grabbed a bag of bulk sugar, left the building and enjoyed the sugar in our back garden.”


He's a Persistent Bear

She adds that after the break-in, they locked the door with a heftier bolt which caused this real-life Pooh Bear a little more difficulty.

“He tried again the next night, several times, using his paw to turn the handle. It’s incredible how smart he is,” Hayden said.


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