If you get busted drinking and driving in Bath Township, you're going to get a ticket, pay hundreds in fines, and be subjected to a horrendous playlist on your way to jail.

The Bath Township Police Department has a reputation for making hilarious social media posts and taking lighthearted jabs at anyone who does something dumb enough to get caught in their web. (Remember the department's Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Cards from a few years ago?)

But the Bath Township Police Department takes drinking and driving very seriously.

St. Patrick's Day Means Bad Decisions

The department notes on its Facebook page that St. Patrick's Day can often be a day for making bad decisions.

"Well well well… St. Paddy's day is on a Friday this year! This of course means some people will go out, get drunk and make terrible decisions. Like spending $46 on 2 AM Taco Bell and drunk texting your ex."

But the department urges everyone to not make the decision to drink and drive.

Ride to Jail Playlist

Bath Township notes on its Facebook page that it's changed its 'drunk-drive ride to jail' playlist.

"Normally on the way to jail with someone who's been arrested for DUI, we play awful songs like Barbie Girl, that awkward "I'm Too Sexy" song or anything by the Dixie Chicks."

The new playlist - as you'll see in the pic below - features 'The Theme from Cops,' 'I Fought the Law,' and other 'cop' songs, which the department says is all part the 'miserable getting arrested for a DUI' experience.

On St. Patrick's Day and every day, don't drink and drive. It's an easy way to avoid bad music.


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