Following decades of serving the Mid-Michigan community, family-owned and operated Assenmacher Bicycle Company has, officially, changed hands and names.

Why did Assenmacher close for business?

Founder, Matt Assenmacher wants to retire since he's in his early 70s. He told MLive, back in January, after 50 years in business... he's ready to ride bikes and not run a business. Who can blame him? His business has a storied history.

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  • 1974: A frame shop in Mt Pleasant, MI opened to build out custom frames
  • 1977: Swartz Creek, MI is chosen for first storefront
  • Through the 80s-2000s Assenmacher operated three locations in Genesee County (according to MLive)

The most recognized location at 1272 W Hill Road, Mundy Township has now, officially, changed its name to another highly recognized brand of bicycles.

Who is the new owner and operator of the former Assenmacher Bicycle Company?

Superfans of bike riding definitely know the name "TREK."

  • The brand is now operating the store. (Full disclosure, I bought a couple of them about six years ago and love them.) Their bikes became ultra-famous (maybe even more mainstream) when Lance Armstrong was competing with the "Butterfly Bike" (aka the most expensive ever made). Here's one of his many Trek bicycles.
Lance Armstrong's Artist-Painted Bikes For Sale At Sotheby's Auction House
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The good news, Assenmacher Bicycles will continue to be made.

According to their recent Facebook Post, the staff will remain, much of the gear and 24-hour turnaround for service.

While it's the end of an era for another Grand Blanc area business, we wish the Assenmacher family all the best in their next... trek, er... adventure and thank them so much for their service to our community.

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