The change in seasons means soon... panic will happen with the first snow.  Oddly, similar panic happens when it's raining.  It's almost as if we forgot our driver's training lessons.  Here are the 5 ways to know you, or your friends & family, are bad drivers:

1.  You Think Yellow Lights Mean "Screw It, I'm Going!  Hold On!"

Yellow Lights are meant to caution you to stop.  Only if you're in the intersection should you proceed.  If you can't slow down in time, sure go through the light -- IF you have NOT already increased your speed by 20mph.  Saying "Oh it's orange" and laughing doesn't justify it either.  Worst intersections: Hill & Fenton Roads Grand Blanc Twp, Miller & Linden Roads - Flint Twp, M-15 & Lapeer Road - Davison, Vienna Road & Saginaw - Clio/Vienna Twp. M-15 & Irish Road - Otisville

Closeup of a traffic light by night in Israel. Red light.
N Rotteveel

2.  Applying Make-Up Like You're At Home In Front Of A Mirror.

Think you're multi-tasking because you're running late.  Nope!  You're driving like you don't care if you or the people around you die.  You're careening down the road between 45-70 miles per hour and doing your hair & make-up?!?!  Set your alarm earlier and get it done before you leave.  Worst roads & streets -- ALL!

Paul Vasarhelyi

3.  You Slow Down To A Complete Stop To Make A Right Turn

Right turns are the easiest -- your willingness to stop everyone else only makes road rage happen -- and rear-end accidents!  I'm not saying take them like you're on rails, but c'mon, use the gas pedal.   Worst roads for this -- M-15 anywhere there's only two lanes, Miller Road because it has multiple lanes + turn lanes and any street in Downtown Fenton.

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4.  Your Truck Can "Handle" The Pot Holes "Just Fine"

Most men, notoriously, think their trucks can do anything without consequence to the laws of physics.  Road a sheet of ice?  Cool--drive faster and stomp the breaks.  Potholes the size of lunar craters?  Doesn't matter--drive faster and throw rocks & tar at everyone around you.  Break a windshield for good sport.  God knows we have enough potholes in Genesee County & Flint. Don't make it worse.

old highway with holes and snow. Landscape road potholes in cloudy winter weather. concept absence of timely repair of highway.
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5.  Everything Is A Hazard!

We've all seen it -- Moderate rain coming down at night... someone slows down to a crawl and puts their hazard lights on.  Snow is falling, but the road is wet without a chance for black ice--hazard lights go on.  Perfectly sunny day and someone is driving on a spare tire--slow down and put the hazards on.  Simple fix:  If you're scared to drive... Don't!  Call an Uber or Lyft and let the rest of us travel safely!  Pro-Tip: Unless there's a sink hole or a legitimate issue, please don't abuse hazard lights!

Joseph C. Justice Jr.


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