For many years these Flint area businesses were everywhere.  Shopping for cars, jewelry, groceries and furniture meant... you'd probably be going to one of these places after seeing their commercials over and over again through the years.

What happened to Kessel grocery stores?

Eventually Al Kessel sold most of the company to Kroger.  He was always starring in the "weekly ad" spots highlighting a sale... and usually throwing something at the camera -- or catching something in mid-air.  No matter what, he ended the commercials with "We're with you."  Remember, everyone's favorite Grand Blanc Kroger parking lot was once a Kessel parking lot nightmare, too. Here's one from 1998 -- check out those old Doritos Bags.

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Who was the "Dealin' Man" in Flint, Michigan?

The 'Dealin' Man' was Al Bennet. His Ford dealership commercials always featured the song, a cartoon and Yvonne by his side. He sold his nine dealerships long ago and in a 2011 story with WTVD-TV he mentioned Yvonne passed a while ago.

What furniture store was in Mt. Morris, Michigan?

Coles Furniture was very popular for 62 years located at 9215 N Dort Highway east of Frances Road. It was a family business started in the 1950s. Randy and Lisa Cole spoke with MLive about the family business in 2012.

What happened to James Lumber and the James Boys?

James Lumber commercials always featured a Honey-Do style ad and an invite to "Come visit the James Boys." They used to have numerous locations around Genesee County & Mid-Michigan.

Which Flint, Michigan grocery store had "Hamady Sacks?"

Hamady grocery stores were very popular around Flint, MI & Genesee County for decades. Originating in 1911, the company closed / sold off in 1991 after a tumultuous few years. Then, in 2018, Jim McColgan Jr opened up Hamady Complete Food Centers in the Hallwood Plaza at Clio & Pierson Roads. Unfortunately, that closed a few months later. McColgan Jr told MLive, he's too young to retire and maybe something will happen in the future at a different location.

What happened to Perry Drugstores in Michigan?

Perry Drugs was a big name in drugstores around the Midwest. My family always went to the Davison location off M-15, next to Hamady (back in the 80s). Eventually Rite Aid bought out the company. Never forget the "red coat pharmacists."

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