Can you think of anyone more fitting to "cut' the ribbon at the grand opening of Michigan's latest haunted attraction than Halloween slasher Michael Myers? Yeah, either can we, and either can the Emagine Birmingham 8 theater.

Movies are being put on hold at the theater on Woodward Avenue in Birmingham for the entire month of October as the historic theater is being turned into a haunted attraction. Being billed as the “Ghosts on the Balcony", the theater will be ready to offer up scares this Halloween season.

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The theater, already rumored to be haunted, was constructed in 1927 as a playhouse prior to its remodeling as a movie theatre in the 1980s and has subject of scares for years. According to the website, the theater will be completely transformed back to Victorian era times for this immersive haunted theatre attraction thanks to Bluewater, a live event production company.

"The bloodcurdling haunt is designed by Bluewater’s professional set designers and will transform 11 different chilling areas of the theatre, including many spaces in this old historic building never before seen by the public.  Each area of the haunt will be uniquely themed and staffed by professional actors trained in the art of terror."

So how do you celebrate the big ribbon cutting for what's sure to be one of the best scares of the year? With one of the scariest guys of the season of course.

On Thursday, September 29 at 6:00 p.m. for a media and invite-only grand opening ribbon cutting will feature actor James Jude Courtney. Courtney is best known to horror movie fans as slasher Michael Myers of the Halloween movie franchise.  Just after the ribbon cutting Courtney will host a Q & A screening of the film Halloween KIlls at the Emagine Palladium on Hamilton Row in Birmingham at 7:00 p.m. The screening will be open to the public. Tickets for that event are $11 each and are on sale here.

Courtney played the infamous psycho in the mask for the 2018 film Halloween and its two sequels, Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends. He also played Der Kindestod in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Killed by Death".

You can get tickets for the "Ghosts on the Balcony" haunted attraction here.

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