No matter how beautiful a state, or area within that state, can be ... there will always be people who complain about it. So, with a state as beautiful as Michigan, what are the thing people complain about most?

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There Are Definitely Complaints When It Comes to Michigan Roadways

When it comes to Michigan roadway complaints, where do most people start? Considering one of Michigan's longest running local jokes include the "Two Seasons" line: "Michigan has two Seasons, Pothole, and Road Construction." it seems that could be a good place to start.

Between orange barrels (which could seriously be our state color at times) and potholes, there are times when it feels like we have no other options. And this is definitely a complaint heard by the majority of Michiganders.

Not to mention, most Michigan roadways are decorated with roadkill that, not only is disgusting but, can also bring out some summer smells on a hot day that could gag a maggot.


Where The Roads Lead Can Bring Complaints Too

If you are driving from one place to another within the state, as long as you can handle the orange barrels, potholes, and roadkill, you will be fine.

But, if you are driving somewhere out of state, the local complaint is simple. You can't drive anywhere outside of Michigan without passing through Indiana, Ohio or, if coming from the upper Penisula, Wisconsin.

Although the Wisconsin route can be beautiful, the Indiana and Ohio routes have about as much interesting/beautiful things to look at as an abandoned parking lot in the middle of an open field.

Michigan Weather Has a Bit to Be Desired at Times

Another famous Michigan line is: "If you don't like the weather in Michigan just give it a minute, it will change."

Unfortunately, this is not a joke. It can be 80 degrees in March, and snow in April. So, to say Michigan weather is unpredictable would be an understatement. Plus, if you have ever been forced to shovel snow (especially wet snow) you don't know what you're missing. Here's a hint: Nothing! Other than a sore back/body, and maybe a touch of frostbite if you're lucky.

Inter-State Rivalries - What Are They Good For

The U of M vs. MSU rivalry is expected. But all the other rivalries just spread unneeded negativityThings like "The Lower Peninsula is better than the Upper Peninsula." or " The West side of the state is better than the East side of the state." do nothing but spread negativity. Can't we just say "We are from Michigan! The greatest state on the planet." and call it good?

A Couple Other Noteworthy Michigan Complaints 

Although these two are a bit out there, they are still real and deserve a mention.

There is nothing worse than seeing something you can't live without inside a vending machine, reaching into your pocket and having exact change, only to find that one of your coins is Canadian. C'mon Canada. Keep your non-Michigan working vending machine coins to yourself, and we will do our best to do the same. We are already dealing with your current smoking problem. We should not have to deal with your currency.

And, last but not least on the list of 'Michigan complaints' ... Why is there still not a Waffle House in the entire state? And, worse yet, why are all the closest ones in Ohio of all places?

Granted, we have our share of IHOP's but, would it kill someone to bring a Waffle House over the boarder?  I think not.

Michigan Is Still the Greatest State on The Planet

If you can find your way past the complaints listed above, there is still no doubt that Michigan is one of the most beautiful, and welcoming, states in the U.S.

From its pristine beaches to its beautiful landscapes, and everything in between. Michigan's 'good' will always outweigh it's 'bad'. And that's why we, as residents, are proud to be Pure Michigan.

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