Mott Community College just became one of four campuses to receive a PizzaForno automated pizza machine.  This is not a drill!  Think of it as a Pizza ATM...or would that be APM?

"You can either take and bake it, or you can cook it right there... and it cooks it for like two minutes and 30 seconds." -- Jason Lowder, Chief Marketing Officer of PizzaForno told WNEM.

The machine will serve eight different 12" artisan pizzas.  Some seasonal like pickle pizza and some unique like honey & goat cheese (or even a dessert theme).

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I've never thought about pickles on a pizza, but anything is possible if people eat pineapple on their pie.  Anything you order from the machine will be made without preservatives!  Plus, the crust is loaded with 12 grams of protein -- Lowden shared  those details with The Flint Courier News.

These "APMs," as I'll call them, are wildly popular in Europe.  They have thousands.  Canada has a handful, while the US is just getting started.  If you're an entrepreneur interested in getting started with your own automated food/pizza machine it will be a costly (but probably very profitable) investment!

According to The Pricer you'll pay between $33,000 to $56,000 for more expensive features, but the return on investment could be as high as $92,000 the first year -- that's approximately 40 pies per day costing about $6-$11 each.  (Think topping and theme variations.)

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It would be incredibly cool for food truck owners to have these in addition to their food truck specialties.  The taco truck has a pizza option at festivals for an opportunity to serve more customers and make more... dough.  (I'm sorry, I couldn't resist the pun.)

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