The Genesee County Drain Commission has started Phase II of the Southern Lakes Watermain Extension along Torrey Road in Fenton.

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The project will last for several months, which means detours for many commuters.

Northbound Torrey Road will be closed, until further notice. Southbound Torrey Road will remain open.

  •  The detour for northbound Torrey Road to head west on Lahring Road to Jennings, north on Jennings Road to Thompson Road, and then back east on Thompson to Torrey Road.

How long will the northbound Torrey Road closure in Fenton last?

According to Fenton Township, this particular phase of the project will last until May 2024.

Fenton Township
Fenton Township

However, the Genesee County Road Commission and the entire Southern Lakes Watermain Extension project will last until July 1, 2024.

We will keep you posted as to when Phase II of this project is completed, and when Torrey Road is completely open again.

Until then, feel free to complain about this project on Facebook just like everyone else is. Just kidding, don't.

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