Michigan residents don't see eye to eye on everything, but one thing we all can agree on is the roads and how bad they are. It's really hard to find a road that you don't have to swerve all over to avoid damaging your car from the potholes that seem to be everywhere.

Well, Flint City Council recently agreed with a recommendation made by Director of Transportation, Rodney McGaha. His recommendation was to spend more than $971,000 to repave some of Flint's worst roads.

According to MLive, the plan would be to repave Welch Boulevard from Ballenger Highway to Chevrolet Avenue, Dupont Street from Pasadena Avenue to Copeman Street, and Fleming Road from Pierson Road to Pasadena. If you've driven down any of those streets, you know just how brutal they are.

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Director of Transportation Rodney McGaha:

If you travel these roads you know someone is going to get hurt one of these days. They are in bad shape. I had to start somewhere . I had to start with the three that I thought were in the worst shape.


6th Ward council member Tonya Burns:

You can’t even dodge the potholes and you can’t repatch a pothole that’s (already) been patched, patched, patched.

When Will the City Start These Projects?

They will start repaving Flint's worst streets in early spring of 2023.

I didn't realize just how Michigan's roads were until I went to Tennessee earlier this year. The roads literally get better when you exit the state.

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